Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Quick SSO Update

I think Blogger is having some kind of problem, because the last 2 post attempts were blank. This is a shortened post because I lost the other posts and don't feel like wasting time in the case it doesn't work again.

If you want/need to place a limit order today on SSO due to time constraints, etc, then I would suggest a day only order of 26.20.

I will post if/when the short-term models suggests an exit.


1 comment:

  1. To fill in some of the info lost from the blank posts.....

    Yesterday's solid gain suggests to me that the odds are good for new rally highs before the top is in. I am definitely favoring that scenario right now.

    Any move to new highs, especially if the S&P moves above 950 will have me focused completely on timing new bearish trade entries. In this particular situation, a move to new highs could be pretty vertical I would guess, so it may not feel right to get in on the bearish side at the next good opportunity, but it rarely does.