Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Multiple Market Update - Gold and Silver Smart Money is Nearing Net Long

Multiple Market Update Video 6-24-13

The video update of the markets covers stocks, bonds, gold, silver, and cotton.  The stock indexes are currently in a volatile formation which could see further sharp selling for if today's lows are broken.  Bonds appear to be in a long term downtrend and have broken the strong negative correlation with stocks since the May 22nd high.  This may be indication that the long term uptrend in bonds is over.

I also give a technical indicator breakdown on what to look for on some different time frames in these markets.  I discuss the Commitment of Traders data on gold and silver, and I cover a few sentiment gauges for stocks.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Stock Market Update Video - The Importance of Last Week's Low

This stock market update video covers the total put/call ratio, Commitment of Traders report data, and technical analysis of the stock market.  Based on these data, I suggest that last week's low is a significant price point in the market.  This may be an important low in a continuing uptrend, but a move below last week's low would be probable indication that the market is currently in a correction that may have significant further downside.