Monday, March 11, 2013

Harmonic Trading Stock Selection Video

Harmonic Trading Stock Selection Service

Earlier today I recorded a video for members of the Traders Crystal Ball mailing list that highlights several stocks that I consider to be ideal candidates for significant downside potential in the upcoming market correction complete with price and time projections for the next potential legs down in these stocks.

Several of these stocks are experiencing significant non-confirmation and divergence patterns compared to the general market indexes.  Being that the market has not experienced much sustained downside yet, these stocks are still well within a high quality short-selling range.  If you are interested in learning more about selling stocks short, then the current video would be educational and will give you some real time candidates for your own analysis.

If you would like to get specific entries, exits and stop movement recommendations on stocks as they begin to fulfill expected projections, then I also am offering a discounted enrollment opportunity at this time to subscribe to the Harmonic Trading Stock Selection service which I offer based on the Integrative Harmonic Trading technique and mentoring that I have developed.

The course and subscription service integrate a number of independently valuable and successful analysis and trading techniques all into the context of OBJECTIVE pattern identification which can provide the most outstanding trading opportunities in individual stocks that I am aware of.

The video runs a bit over 30 minutes, almost all of which is timely and educational content.


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