Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A New Market Analysis Video Is Available With Specific Trade Set-Ups

New Market Analysis Video Available

Today I recorded a new video for members of my Trader's Crystal Ball eCourse mailing list.  In this video I update you on the very important message the total put/call ratio is telling us and give you multiple time frame analysis of the MACD indicator for the S&P 500.  The video above gives you a brief overview of the content of that video.

Based on this information I offer you several individual stocks set-up for short selling opportunities and highlight a couple ETFs that have recently completed bullish chart patterns and are beginning to move higher.

At the end of the video I review my Integrative Harmonic Trading course which is a stock market trading course that I developed in order to help individual traders and investors learn to objectively identify and objectively trade the most powerful stock chart pattern in the markets.

The video runs nearly an hour with 40+ minutes of timely actionable analysis.  I hope this information is valuable to you and look forward to helping many of you learn this method of analysis.

All the best to your trading,