Thursday, February 6, 2014

A New Stock Market Update Video Is Available

I recorded a new video today for members of the Trader's Crystal Ball email list covering the current position of the US stock market.  You will need to have a login email and password to view the video.  Use this link to create a login if you have not already done so.

The video highlights the current US stock market position in context of the principles of The Traders Crystal Ball eCourse. In this video I review the put/call ratio analysis as taught in the eCourse as well as recent signs of volatility imbalance in the options market and what that typically means.  Additionally I give you a special look at proprietary analysis suggesting that 2/5/14 may be a significant corrective low in stocks and offer suggestions of how to use this information profitably.

Enjoy the video.

P.S.  To learn more about developing your skills and techniques as a trader, consider the Integrative Harmonic Trading mentoring course.


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