Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How to Move or Trail Stop Losses Using a Moving Average Channel


This video shows you how to move stop losses on stock trades in order to keep you in the truly huge trends that will make most of your profit as a trader.

I show you how to set up your charts to create a moving average channel, and then take you through a number of detailed examples showing you the simple but objective and effective method for using the channel as a stop adjustment indicator.

Specific charts examples include CENX, UNG, FSLR, SPWR, MSTR, RVBD, LOGM, DPS, CCIH, and SPY.

I also discuss how to use this on any time frame and specifically how to scale out of trades but using this same stop movement method on two or more time frames once a position is entered.

Remember that you SPEND money when you enter a trade.  You MAKE money when you exit with a profit.  Exits and trade management are what separates good traders and profitable traders from simply good analysts or unprofitable traders.

Hope this helps you in your trading.


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