Monday, December 14, 2015

Bullish Option Opportunity From Friday's Action 12-14-15

I ran some scans over the weekend based on Friday's market action.  I found a few simple scans with very high winning percentages and short term profit opportunities with solid trade expected value.  Here is one of the scans (data only goes back to late 1995).

  • Gap down more than 1%
  • Close down more than 1.9%
  • Close in bottom 1/5 of range
  • Day's high to low range is less than 3%

Trade stats are solid with 107 instances and a win rate of 88%.  Limit order is set at 50% gain with a 1 week until expiration at the money call option.

That option was entered today with the standard expiration option for this week at a 201 call on SPY.


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