Monday, November 7, 2016

SPY Option Trade Exit for 50% Gain

FYI, last week I had noted that I bought a 210 SPY call which expires this Wednesday based on data suggesting a very high probability of a 50% gain in the option prior to expiration.  That 50% gain level was hit today and my limit order filled and the trade was exited.

And I am still holding a Nov 18th expiration 214 strike put as stated at that time as well.  My goal was for the above short term option to create a brief hedge of the expected drawdown which was anticipated in this later expiration 214 strike put.

Now the stats posted earlier today are suggesting that most of the upside potential has likely unfolded in stocks, and it is reasonable that stocks could move lower allowing me to confidently maintain that 214 strike put based upon the intermediate term outlook.


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