Thursday, June 1, 2017

Triple Time Frame MACD Bearish Divergence in SPY - Probably Close to A Significant Intermediate High

As of this morning 6-1-17 the technical analysis of the SPY etf shows weekly, daily, and hourly chart bearish divergence on the MACD.  What does this mean?

The weekly time frame divergence is the longer signal showing both "overbought" levels and new price highs with less "momentum" or rate of change at the newer highs.  This is a longer term signal that often is present at the end of bull markets and often at the end of major advancing phases of a bull market prior to a deep correction (say 10-20%).

The daily time frame basically then shows that there is loss of momentum occurring in the most recent leg up to new highs.

And then the hourly time frame shows that there is loss of momentum in this final little move occurring on the last daily push to new highs since the last cross down on the daily MACD.

So taken together, it is like a multiple waves of different frequencies all coming together at once and reaching a crest.

In my observation for the last 12 years, these points are often significant and should alert to the possibility the market will experience a major correction over the coming weeks/months.

Certainly at times, these signals may be in the middle of a major move up, and the results ends up only being a temporary range bound market before continuing higher.  But factoring in a number of indications of sentiment and breadth, it seems likely to me that stocks will stall and correct a bit quite soon.

It appears unlikely to me that this will be a bull market top.  Particularly with the Nasdaq not displaying any bearish divergence on the weekly MACD, it seems more likely to me that the current position is nearer to the momentum peak of this portion of the bull market, but it could take months and some small to intermediate corrections and breaks to new highs, before a more long term high could be set.


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