Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cotton and US Dollar Index

At the suggestion of a reader (Thanks Tim), I recently started doing some charting on TradingView.com  It has a lot of great charting features.  It currently lacks in ability to save many charts and layouts as a free service, but the charting features and ability for ratio charts and custom indicators is a big win for a free service.

Anyway, I will post links here to a couple recent posts that I have made via trading view.  The markets are cotton and US Dollar index.  In short, the US Dollar appear to be topping on this rally and set for a significant consolidation.  Commodities in general appear set to rally.

Cotton and gasoline are 2 markets that I really like the CoT backdrop for forming big rallies to come.  I have already noted the bullish set-up in metals in recent weeks and months, and those markets are generally conforming to expectations as noted here.

Here are links to the TradingView posts.


US Dollar

Let me know if there is any trouble viewing this, as this is a new feature for me to use.


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