Friday, March 13, 2015

QQQ Hourly MACD Bullish Divergence - Early Week Rally Probable Next Week

Click on Chart of QQQ to Enlarge

This is an hourly chart of QQQ.  Evident on the MACD below the chart is a pronounced bullish divergence between the MACD and price.  Price made a lower low, and the MACD made a higher low and reversed modestly higher today.  This is not enough to trigger a buy signal in my trading algorithm.  But it won't necessarily catch every turn, especially on a short term time frame.

Its seem likely that price could form a short term rebound of at least part of a day, and maybe about 2 days.  Now there is certainly potential even for new highs, but the weekly chart appears solidly bearish at this point, so I don't necessarily count on new high to create the classic multiple time frame bearish divergence which I mentioned in my stock market top video last week.

At this point, my expectation is for a brief rebound from these levels, followed by a move to yet lower lows for this decline.  I won't offer any more expectation than that currently for the short term trading time frame.

On an investment point for stocks, it seems like the only reason stocks have held up is "free money" that has continually been shunted into stocks and stock futures in the last couple years of quantitative easing.  So if long stocks, the February low would be my suggested stop loss point to exit investments.  On could certainly rationalize just remaining long stocks with a stop at that support level or with some % based trailing stop.  That would allow continued appreciation.


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