Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Trade Stats for Bearish Set Up in SPY 4-19-16

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So based upon the trade set up posted earlier for SPY, the maximum expected value for the equity side of this set-up based upon my simple trade method, would be to enter short SPY and set a limit order of 2.5% gain on the short position and a corresponding 2.5% stop loss on the position.  Then IF the orders are not filled in 1 month, the trade is exited at the market (after 21 full trading days).  The expected value of the trade is 1.48% on SPY, so this suggests a ~4% expected value over the next 1 month using the 3x leveraged bear ETF.

Seeing as the past stats on that system are so positive, the stats justify use of 3x leveraged funds with 100% allocation of the account.  That would still be well below 1/2 Kelly Bet on the risk.

Now SPXU is a 3x inverse fund to SPY, but understand that it won't trade perfectly in sync.  So I always suggest using SPY as instrument to track and slightly tweak the orders on the leveraged ETF to create the suggested risk reward profile.

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The MAX reward play on the options is as suggested in the last post.  Buy the May standard expiration at the money put option (209 strike) and set a limit order of 100% to exit.

The Kelly Bet % on the 15 historical instances is 33%.  So a 1/2 Kelly Bet of about 16% would be sensible for the money set aside for options trading.

Let me know if there are specific questions of how to apply this analysis to your situation.


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  1. I republished this post because there was a mistake. This did not influence the trade action, only the expected value is lower. I copied formulas on the spreadsheet with some cells hidden, and so I did not drag the formulas into the hidden area to copy them correctly. It is now fixed. Even though the average winner is negative, that's because it is a short position. I will change that on the spreadsheet display for the future as well.