Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Intermediate Term High Likely Completing In SPY 4-19-16

I ran a pretty simple scan today on the history of SPY (going back to fall 1995).  The criteria were as follows:

  • VIX high is less than 15
  • 5/63 day total put/call ratio less than 0.85
  • Daily MACD is in bearish divergence position
The forward returns showed a nearly 2.4 times greater MAX loss versus MAX gain over the coming month.  And buying a 1 month until expiration at the money put option on SPY had a 2 out of 3 chance of at least doubling in price prior to expiration.  So that is a very profitable speculative opportunity to buy the put here and simply set a limit order to exit at 100%.  Let it expire worthless if it loses.  There is no stop.

Also there is a dual time frame (hourly and daily) MACD divergence on today's highs in SPY.  These types of set-ups have been highlighted many times on this blog and often nearly pinpoint a significant turning point for multiday or multi week changes of direction.

So the point here is that SPY is at a lower high than the last intermediate term high in November, and SPY is displaying the type of set up which indicates a completed rally.  So the easy money has been made.  The expected returns for the next several weeks are likely to be flat or negative based on what I have looked at.  

Let me know if there are any questions or specific scenarios you want further info on here.


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