Monday, July 11, 2016

VIX Up and SPY Up With Low VIX/VXV - New Put Option Trade Indicated

Today's action in SPY triggered a study that I showed back in the first week of June suggesting a short-term bearish skew in the market.  We did indeed see that.

So the basic set-up here is that SPY is up today, but so is the VIX.  And the VIX/VXV ratio is pretty low at the same time.

So the study is:

  • VIX/VXV less than 0.86
  • VIX up more than 2%
  • SPY up more than 0.1%
There are now 10 instances which have occurred in the past which meet this set-up.  And 9 out of the ten showed gains of 40% or more over the next 2 weeks when purchasing an ATM put option with 2 weeks until expiration.

9 out of the 10 instances SPY showed MAX losses of at least 1.25% over the next 2 weeks.

So the trade here is to buy a July 22nd expiration SPY put either 213 or 214 strike.  I would use a limit order equivalent to today's closing value on the option if entering tomorrow.

For equities, the best play has been to set at limit order of 1.25% gain as well as a 1.25% stop loss order.  Then exit after 10 days if the limit or stop have not been hit.


PS - Let me know if there are more specific questions on how to play this.

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