Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Added an RSS Feed Option....

So I set up the Feedburner option on the blog so that hopefully anyone can see if that enables them to have the blog posts auto emailed when updated or maybe get it via text message.

Let me know if this works for what you guys need or if there is anything else to do. I am no expert in this area, so if there is anything else I could do as far as getting posts out, let me know, if you are wise in such matters.



  1. Thanks! Not sure if this will send a daily "digest" or an immediate update (hopefully the latter :) ).

    Thanks again for your time on this blog.

  2. Pete,

    Thank you for setting up FeedBurner. AND huge thanks for this blog-period.

    To get RSS feed sent as a text message to your mobile phone.
    Most mobile phone providers allow you to receive SMS messages via an email. Typically your phone's "email" address is something like: (ie. AT&T). The following web site lists the "Email To SMS Email Address" info for most all mobile providers:

  3. cdude,

    believe it or not I've never even sent a text message, so that area is not my specialty.

    does your comment imply that you are now able to get it via text with the feedburner?



  4. here is the link to add the feed:

    pick your option and subscribe. i verified that it works in outlook.

    thanks pete!

    and thanks cdude for the text message info. i'm going to try to set that up too.

  5. i thought to test it in ie explorer, and it doesn't look like you get the outlook option there. i used firefox to set up the feed. if you are looking for more options, try firefox.