Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gold Update - Major Top Likely Made

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This chart shows that the recent leg up in gold is likely over based off this 2 day correction. Not shown is that price spiked above the upper channel line of this leg up on Monday and Tuesday.

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Applying the same logic to the entire 2008-2011 bull market, we see the same thing. A spike above the upper channel line. And now the beginning of an aggressive decline. See the notes on the chart, but a move to the 1625 area would be a more definite sign that this bull market is over.

I may have shown this the other day, but this price high is also near the upper channel line from the line connecting the 2006-2008 highs. That is the main channel of the entire secular bull market in gold over the last decade.

Point being, we may be seeing a MAJOR top in gold here. There is just no good technical reason to be, get, or remain long gold here. At a minimum, wait for a correction and re-evaluate after price falls in line with normal historical corrections.

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