Monday, October 3, 2011

Gold, US Dollar, Stocks

In a prior post on gold I showed the corrections in this recent bull market and the level at which we are likely to have a confirmed bear market. Those levels have been exceeded which confirms that we are likely to be in a bear market now - a significant high has been made in gold.

Also, in this prior post I outlined the largest and fastest moves up in the US Dollar Index over the last 2 years and noted that if the green dashed line was exceeded that we wold have confirmation of a new uptrend there. That occurred today. So we have all the information now that we need to confirm commodities are in a bear market.

Now the S&P 500 also broke to new corrective lows today, and the NYSE has been at new lows over recent weeks. That is out of character with what historical corrections in bull markets have looked like. So, this break to new lows is reasonably strong confirmation on a historical/statistical level that stocks are in a bear market as well. The Nasdaq is leading and not at new corrective lows yet, but the price action/logic suggests it will break to new lows as well.

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