Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Projections for SPY Based Upon Recent Price Action

SPY decline and expected rebound
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My post earlier today appear to have been timely for the short term trade, as stocks reversed most of the day's losses after this morning's sell off.  It likely will prove to be a short term low that holds for a little while.

However, the current explosion in volatility and persistent downside price action that has repeatedly closed below the lower bands, with sharply increasing volatility, has led to rather predictable price action in the past.  I would encourage you to go back through this post I made in August 2011 during that waterfall decline, because I accurately forecasted price action based upon prior instances of similar action.  And that forecast being spot on just adds further weight to the likely outcomes here, with history as a guide.  So the implication here is that if today's is a bottom of this initial plunge, but the correction does make a lower low, then we may see prices rally back to the region of Monday's high and find resistance there.  Interestingly that area is exactly 61.8% of the retracement of the last 5 days action since the high of point "d" as I have labeled it on recent charts - the 10-8-14 high.

This post shows the trade set-up I mentioned at that time as the initial rebound unfolded.

Here is a follow up post from the action as it unfolded in August 2011 and led to a new low for the correction which ended up being a major buy signal.

The chart above shows a projection similar to the ones linked here, and is based upon a rally to the high of the second candlestick before today's reversal.  In the past when no divergence is present, the market has routinely retested the low before rallying again.  So in this case we may expect a similar outcome.  Each rally here would be a short-term short trade set-up.  And if the bull market has topped, then the next break of support may be significant and lead to much further losses.  But the technical indicators and underlying sentiment will be our guide as we move forward assuming this forecast is roughly accurate again.

The initial rebounds after a sharp decline like this tend to be swift.  I would expect a short-term short sale opportunity to develop by next week.

As a side note, there is perfect hourly time frame bullish divergence on IWM currently and a bearish engulfing pattern on the daily chart just below support.  So it would be logical to go long IWM if one were to believe the bull case here.  You can always treat it like a short term trade and exit part at the first sign of hourly time frame overbought levels.  Then maintain a portion of the trade for a potentially larger advance if the market does put in a lasting low here today.  In these scenarios I go in with the expectation that I may only breakeven most times, but I will be in the market for the times when it does put in a lasting low,

Again, comment or question below if you need further assistance in navigating here based upon your trading time frame, etc.


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