Sunday, February 15, 2015

CHK, OAS, SPY and The Possibility of New Highs for the Nasdaq

Just a quick note here on a few of the stocks/options that I have noted in recent weeks.

CHK and OAS report earnings 2/25/15 before the open.

The sentiment backdrop on CHK is showing considerable pessimism in that the near term put/call open interest is almost at an annual high and the short interest is at an annual high and has increased by almost 29 million shares since 12/1/14 at which time the closing price was similar to the current price level.  This seems like a scenario where the bearish backdrop could lead to considerable continued buying interest if prices push higher.  I am still holding an 18 strike April expiration call option on CHK with plans to hold through earnings.

On SPY where I had mentioned a call purchase on 1/28/15, price has moved to new all time highs.  There are bearish divergences present in several areas, but there are few extremes to suggest that the current move up is overdone.  When price moves to new highs in the stock market, often times price is able to advance steadily on low or declining volatility.  Given the apparent upside breakout of a large contracting triangle, it will be interesting to see if prices are able to sustain a major advance.

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The Nasdaq Composite is only about 5.5% away from a new all time high currently.  It seems likely to me that price will exceed that high before a major correction occurs.  An ideal scenario may be a rather directional move up from here to eclipse the tech bubble highs with a good bit of fanfare.  Then that may be followed by a correction, or at least a pullback several % below the highs to punish the breakout buyers.


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