Sunday, July 26, 2015

Time to Cover All Gold Shorts - Massive Rally Likely to Occur Based on Extreme Smart Money Position

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There are multiple factors currently suggesting that anybody short in gold get out as fast as you can.  The move down is almost certainly done or very very nearly done.  How big the rally will be, we shall see, but it could easily be 10-20% in the next 1-2 months.

The chart above shows the extreme oversold MFI14 indicator below prices of GLD.  And note the wide range bullish engulfing pattern on Friday as well.  That is a bottom reversal pattern.  It occurred on heavy volume and an obviously extreme move in price over the last few weeks.  Without knowing anything else about a market, understanding the implications of this candlestick should be cause to exit any short position.

Furthermore, there has been a huge increase in the commercial/producers/smart money positions on the long side of gold.  There was an extreme accumulation of new longs by commercials last week, and going back to 2006 (which is where my data currently ends) the commercial net long position is the highest it has ever been.  On a relative basis it corresponds with the peak net longs which have occurred right at the bottom of other declining phases of this bear market in gold. 

On the flip side the large speculators are the most net short going back the same amount of time.  The total speculative long position of small and large combined is also at the lowest point going back over the stated time frame.  The last time their longs approached the current levels was at the beginning of July 2013 right as a leg down was ending and a pretty swift and large bear market rally occurred.

Lastly, June and July is the seasonally most common time for a bottom to occur in precious metals.  So given the extreme sentiment, technical analysis and historical extreme move into gold by the smart money, this appears to be an exit point for gold shorts without question.

There are various long strategies that could be used here to capitalize on the anticipated rally.  One would be to buy the gold miners ETF on Monday with a stop below Friday's low.  Bullish option spreads or other directional option strategies may be appropriate as well.

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