Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Stock Market and Index Option Update

If you are holding or purchased any put options on the US stock indexes at my recent post about the sell warning, then the corresponding options I noted or something similar would be up over 100% currently.

At this time, the question may be whether to hold any portion of the position.

There is currently no bullish divergence pattern on the hourly MACD of SPY, and neither is there a bullish pattern as of yet on my personal trading algorithms which I use to identify bottom reversals in the markets.

So at this time it may be sensible to continue to hold part or all of a put option on the indexes.

If there are any questions or scenarios regarding this then comment or email reply and I will try to assist you.



  1. RIL has gained around 2% and ONGC is up 1% while GAIL has declined around 3%.
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