Saturday, June 11, 2016

SPY Put Option Exited for 40% Gain in 2 Days

The 40% gain limit order recommended for the June 17th expiration 212 SPY put which was purchased on 6-8-16 was already hit as of the end of the week.  So far the option has increased over 50% at maximum from the entry.

Now the equity portion of the trade still has quite a ways to go in terms of price and/or time before an exit will be made based on the stats and orders suggested in the last post.

Additionally, if you purchased the August 212 SPY put, giving about 2 months until expiration, then the entry price was a little above 5.00, and the maximum price has hit about 7.00 so far.  So the options is up about 33% so far.  The suggested limit orders were 70% or 130% for this expiration.


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