Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bonds/Yields Update

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As of the next day or so, it looks like an ideal form, time, and technical bottoming scenario for long term US bond yields. This means time to sell long-term bonds.

I will post a trade on TBT (inverse bond ETF) if/when the entry looks good over the next few days. Waiting for a break of the wave 2-4 green trendline is a safe entry, though a good indicator signal may come slightly before that.

The long term context shows spiking of bonds prices to 2008-2009 levels, but yields still well off the lows of 2008-2009 creating a non-confirmation that is bullish for yields.

From an investment standpoint then here is my analysis in a nutshell:

-get out of longer term government bonds and all "junk" bonds
-On an investment basis I have suggested being out of stocks for the last 2 years basically, and I still believe that will be shown to be wise as a longer-term suggestion (S&P 500 prices likely to go to the 900's as a bare minimum in the not too distant future)
-commodities including gold topping and entering bear market
-US Dollar set to gain against foreign currencies

So here is the non-speculative take home play: stay in cash (even literally dollar bills in a safe) or in funds of the shortest term US treasury bills which are extremely unlikely to default though they have a miniscule yield.

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