Thursday, September 22, 2011

SLV Breakdown and SPX New Downtrend Confirmed

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See that chart for notes. But it is probable that a new down leg has begun in stocks. Based off of chart patterns and support, I believe the next leg down will go to the 1000 area at least before a major pause.

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While this doesn't affect our open SLV short, this is the signal I've been suggesting to be watching for on SLV to give indication that a new large trend has begun. This can be a great signal for entering options trades 1-4 months out before expiration. The closer to expiration the closer to the money to buy.

I am still maintaining the SLV Oct 34 puts. I also bought SLW Jan 34 puts yesterday because it appears to be forming a head and shoulders top with a projected decline to about $20 based on the chart pattern. So that gives me a second exposure to the downside of the silver market.

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