Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Silver Update

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See notes on the chart. The initial target was met on the silver cash and nearest futures but the SLV etf fell short of the corresponding target by about $1.50. So SLV may consolidate above that level now, but I think it will be just part of a larger bear market.

I think that prices may form a triangular consolidation here off of yesterday's low. But after whatever rebound we get here, prices should continue lower.

On related notes watch SSRI for a short entry any time on a back test of a broken head and shoulders neck line on huge volume. Also, SLW is hovering above the neckline of a beautiful head and shoulders pattern. I would sell the breakdown of the neck line on a sell stop (~30.50) because it may not see a backtest of its neckline the way silver prices are situated.